STOP youth represented Nevada in National Truth Summit

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Five Douglas High youth activists involved in Partnership of Community Resources’ program Students Taking on Prevention recently returned from a national youth activism summit in Orlando, Florida. Sophomores Brittnei Rollins, Thomas Rao, Madison Schirlls, Marissa Flanders and Hannah Sizelove represented Nevada as advocates to prevent youth under 18 from using tobacco.

stop with ritney

Left to right: Madison, Brittnei, Hannah, Thomas, Marissa and Ritney Castine from Truth Iniative.

“Many of my friends smoke and most of my family have died from tobacco and alcohol use,” Brittnei explains. “I feel that it is important to reduce risks. Youth under 18 are more likely to get addicted.”

The activism summit was organized by the Truth Initiative, a Washington DC-based foundation that leads the Truth campaign to empower the current generation of youth to end smoking. The summit consisted of media training, action planning and various inspirational speakers. “We learned that when you are going to speak to a large group of people, you need to create that personal connection in order to communicate effectively,” the youth describe their experience. “We want our peers to discover their passions and realize that they can achieve more without the negative effects of tobacco and drug use.”

Students Taking on Prevention (STOP) provides an opportunity for young people to make a difference in our community through tobacco, alcohol, drug, suicide and teen pregnancy prevention. STOP is currently recruiting 9th-12th grade students at Douglas High School to be trained this fall.

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Story Featured on: Carson Valley Times and The Record Courier 9/23/2015