Smoke Free Entryways

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Smoke Free Entryways provides Douglas County businesses and agencies a selection of “no smoking” signs to post outside their businesses. The project began in early 2013 when Students Taking on Prevention recognized a problem of people smoking near building entryways, thus exposing others to the dangers of secondhand smoke. The students decided to encourage a community effort through consistent signage. STOP members went around local businesses and looked for “no smoking” signs and found a variety of different messages on signs or no signs at all.  STOP administered a survey to find out how many businesses had smoking policies and if they would be willing to put up a consistent sign that would encourage people not to smoke in business entryways.

33 businesses in Douglas County were surveyed for the Smoke Free Entryways Campaign. Listed below are the questions asked followed by their responses.

1. Does your business have a tobacco policy? YES = 33%, NO=67%
2. If you have employees that smoke, do you have a designated area for them to do so? YES=70%, NO=30%
3. Would your business support a Smoke Free Entryway or Smoke Free Zone Campaign? YES = 100%

Contact us for a free sign for your Douglas County business or agency.


About The Signage

An art contest for youth K-12 was help to design the sign. Dr. James the Dentist stepped forward to donate prize money. The winner was chosen in April of 2013, and most of the 163 entries were on display at the Minden Inn.

Winning entry by Douglas High School student Nash Herman –













Final Design-


Minden Inn Art Contest Showcase-