Teen Pregnancy Prevention

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Teen pregnancy

Preventing teen pregnancy increases the prevalence that all teens will reach their potential emotionally, physically, and socially before having a child and parenting a child. Raising a child is not like babysitting, which may be the ideal young girls think when taking the risk of getting pregnant. Teens often think that having a baby will give them something to love, something to love them back, and a reason for others to pay attention to them. However, not all these thoughts are justification for having a baby. A baby deserves the best life a mother can offer and having a baby before you are ready denies both the teen and the baby opportunities.

Preventing teen pregnancy is easier than you think. Birth control is one way, but that doesn’t protect your heart, your mind, and your reputation. Saving yourself for when you are ready does. How do you know when you are ready? Link on to the resources below to give you some ideas.

The Nevada Youth Risk Behavior Survey provides data on the number of teens participating in the behavior that puts them at risk for teen pregnancy. By educating youth on the risks of engaging the sexual behavior, especially unprotected sex, we can reduce the number of teen births.

Tip for parents about teen pregnancy prevention is talk to your kids that is the start. Below are some links to help parents too.




Nevada YRBS

Percentage of students who ever had sexual intercourse 2001 – 49.1, 2003 –  46.4, 2005 – 44.1 2007 – 42.8, 2009 – 49.0

Local Statistics

  • 2008 – 30 teen births to females 15-19


Where to get help

Public Health Nurse

School nurse or counselor

A trusted adult

or call

Women Infant Health (WIC)

WIC Carson City: (775) 887-2190

WIC Douglas County: (775) 782-4430




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Solutions For America
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