Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving

In 2011, Governor Brian Sandoval signed a billed that prohibits talking and texting on the phone while driving in Nevada (US Department of Transportation, 2011). “The law makes Nevada the 34th state to prohibit texting behind the wheel and the ninth to prohibit all hand-held cell phone use while driving” (US Department of Transportation, para. 1).

The US Department of Transportation defines distracted driving as a non-driving activity that takes the attention of the driver away from driving, which increases the potential for a crash. The types of distractions are visual – taking eyes of the road, manual – taking hands off the wheel, and cognitive – taking the mind away from driving.

Texting is the most dangerous because it involves all three distractions: visual, manual, and cognitive. Other activities that are distracting include cell phone use, eating, drinking, talking to passengers, reading, using PDA or navigation systems, applying make-up, daydreaming, dealing with strong emotions, watching video, and adjusting radio, CD, MP3, etc.



  • 20% of injury accidents in 2009 involved distracted driving (NHTSA)
  • 16%  of all drivers under 18 involved in fatal crashes reported the accident involved distracted driving (NTHSA)


Tips for drivers

  • Turn off phone or on silent and put away –IT’S THE LAW AS OF JULY 1, 2011
  • You can also download and activate an app (through your carrier, App Store, or Google Play Store) to prevent distracted driving.
  • Just drive, remember that the reason you are behind the wheel is to DRIVE