How to Set Teens Up for Success

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While teens may be mature enough to know there are consequences, they may not fully understand them. With proper guidance, you can keep your teen on the right track.



Teens whose parents talk with them regularly about drugs and alcohol are 42% less likely to use substances. Tell your teens that you expect them not to use alcohol or other drugs. Always remind them when they are going to a party, a friend’s house, or if they are having friends over.

Tip: Life can get busy but it is important to set aside time to be with your teen. Make a dinner date. Listen to their stories. This keeps the line of communication open.



Get to know your teen’s friends and their parents. This makes it easier to know what kind of people your teen is with, and what your teen may be doing when you are not around. If your teen is going to a friend’s house, contact his or her parents to make sure that they will be home and alcohol and drug use will not be tolerated.

Tip: Get involved! Invite your teen’s friends in activities or vacations. Plan dual family functions: casual potluck, the theater, or sporting events.



Hosting a party? You may be liable if you provide alcohol to minors, if anyone is injured at your home, or if property is damaged. So, make sure that your alcohol and prescription drugs are not accessible and be cautious of guests bringing substances to your home.

Tip: It all starts with you. Set an example. Be a parent, not a friend.


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